Square Enix Press Conference

I'm pretty disappointed in the Square Enix press conference.  It was full of talking heads, pre-rendered CG trailer videos, and not much concrete information.

Almost none of the games were being released in 2015 and there were barely any release dates given.  Most of the press conference was men in suits saying, "We're making this game and we hope you're excited to find out more but we won't tell you more now."

I guess I was expecting a big announcement, like Final Fantasy XVI or a new Chrono game or... something.  Instead I got some trailers for games we already knew were coming and the announcement of some mobile games.

I'm disappointed.

The biggest announcement for Square Enix was done yesterday at the Sony press conference when they announced a Final Fantasy VII remake.

The thing is, I know a lot of the Square Enix games they talked about today will be good, but they were just presented in such a boring manner that it was disheartening.

I'm looking forward to hands-on gameplay impressions for most of the games they announced, whenever those eventually come our way.

One more press conference tonight and then we're done.  PC gaming is up next.


  1. They were totally trolling though with Kingdom Hearts 3 though. Kept stalling it, but yeah, not much in the way of releasing games.

    Of course, outside of KHIII, there other two big ones at E3 weren't really part of the conference. FFVII was revealed yesterday and FFXIV is being presented at a different time.

    1. I think it's kind of weird that they're letting their big announcements go out through different press conferences than their own.

    2. I get the feeling Sony paid a TON for them to reveal Final Fantasy VII. That pretty much catapulted Sony's name this E3.

      As for FFXIV, that one I think is going to take longer and they didn't want it to eclipse the rest.

      Plus, KH3 is able to generate more hype by not being revealed alongside FFVII - at least a day for FFVII to sink in.


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