Arkham Knight Pre-Order Madness

It finally happen.  For the first time, a game has stopped me from buying it with it's stupid pre-order bullshit.

I loved the first two Batman Arkham games that were developed by Rocksteady and I was planning on picking up Arkham Knight on day one. (Ignore Arkham Origins, it was a different developer... and really bad).

But then I started seeing exclusive content packs for certain retailers.  And then different DLC content for the digital versions.  Then some Harley Quin stuff that looked really fun to play.  And Red Hood as a playable character that looks badass.

I did my research and found the only way to get everything is to buy a bunch of different versions of the game, or buy the $99 super crazy premium edition.  As someone who only buys games digitally  it was never an option to buy multiple versions from different retailers.  And no, I'm not going to pay $99 to get a "complete" edition of a game.  At worst it makes me feel scammed and at best I feel nickel and dimed.

Therefore I'm not going to buy a game that I was really excited about.  Good job Warner Brothers, you've made the first DLC structure that turned me away from a game I was super pumped for.

I'm not mad at the developer, or the game, just the publisher.  I suppose I'll just wait six months until the inevitable "Game of the Year" edition that actually includes everything and costs less.


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