Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate

Continuing with the handheld gaming backlog I sampled while traveling, it's Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate!

This is an interesting game because it's an attempt to take a 3D free roaming game and translate it to a 2.5D platformer/beat-em-up.

The problem I had while playing this game is that it's so close to the 3D Arkham console games that I love... but it's not a 3D game.  The controls and the structure simply aren't as strong as they are in a 3D world.  I played the game a bunch and it's not really bad but it's not really good either.  It's middling.

The biggest thing this game has done is make me appreciate the other Batman Arkham games more than I did before.  I'm really excited for the next console Arkham game to release later this month with Batman Arkham Knight.

I probably won't be coming back to the handheld game, but if you're a super die hard Batman fan you might find something here for you.


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