Mostly Unscathed from the Latest Steam Sale

Outside of major releases that I really want to grab on day one, I get most of my games during Steam sales these days.  It's amazing how fast game prices fall on PC.  Wait six months, look at the next Steam sale, and that game that was a full-price AAA title is probably half off.

Which is starting to skew my perspective.  I'm not even jumping on deals like that anymore.  $30 for a $60 game that released six months ago?  Not good enough.  I can always just wait for the next Steam sale because it will probably be discounted even more.

This steam sale I spent under $25.  I didn't pick up any games over $10.  That's kind of the tipping point for me now.

It helps that I've purchased all the games I've been interested in during past Steam sales so I don't have a huge backlog of games I'm interested in.  But I do have something like 35 or 40 games on my Steam wishlist that I'll pick up once they fall in price.

A lot of games on my wishlist right now are trapped in that middle ground where they aren't brand new but they aren't quite old enough to have big enough discounts for me.

It's weird how my value of videogames is changing.  I'll still pick up the occasional day one purchase for $60, but if a game doesn't fall into that category for me I'm more than happy to wait for it to go on super sale... because it will.  There's no question anymore on PC, any game I want will go on sale.


  1. I'm in the same boat. I keep telling myself games are just going to get cheaper if I wait, so I don't buy. I spent under $20 this sale and nothing over $10 either.

    1. For me it's either a day 1 purchase or wait until the game falls below $10. It's weird that I don't really do anything in between.

    2. My in between category are digital and indie releases that offer full games for those prices. I'm much more likely to pay $10 to $15 for a brand new game than I am full price for AAA or anything more than fire sale for older titles.


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