The Man in the High Castle Impressions

I heard great things about The Man in the High Castle on Amazon streaming and since I'm a prime member I took a look.

The premise and the worldbuilding are really interesting.  Essentially, the Allies lost WWII so Germany and Japan divided up the United States and now occupy them permanently.  This is 15 years after that, with tensions rising between Japan and Germany while a resistance group is sneaking around with film reels that have footage of the US winning the war.

I really like the world they've set up but after a few episodes I had trouble connecting with any of the characters.  I haven't been able to get invested in any of them fully.

It would have been enough to keep me going because of the worldbuilding but then I started feeling really squeamish.  I mean, we're talking WWII axis tactics which are just brutal and gross.  It freaks me out because it's based on things they actually did.

So I tapped out.  I gave up.  This show might be for some people and it might get really good after the first few episodes but I can't watch those kind of WWII axis tactics filmed in a realistic way.  It freaks me out.  So I'm done with The Man in the High Castle.


  1. I watched 1 episode. I thought the premise was fascinating, but the execution was just boring. I didn't get hooked by any of the characters and the film style was just too dark so everything felt so muted and dead, so I just didn't keep watching.

    1. It was just so dark. It was too much of an emotional weight to keep watching the show when I couldn't even connect well with the main characters.


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