Little Mobile Time Wasters

I love mobile games but unfortunately for me most of them are little time waster games.  I love the ones that really dig in and try to do something new and, honestly, I browse the app store every Thursday for new releases but most games aren't this.

A few weeks ago I had a run of Thursdays where nothing looked interesting.  So... I resorted to the "Top Charts" gaming section and picked up a couple games there I hadn't tried.

Mostly these were duds but a few of them have been fun enough to keep playing.

Alto's Adventure is a low key take on infinite runners.  You're a skiier going fast down a hill trying to catch caribou (or something) and your only controls are tap to jump or tap and hold to backflip.  If you're looking for a new infinite runner or just a game that's fun in small 1-2 minute bursts then Alto's Adventure might be for you.

Goblin Sword is a sidescrolling platform/adventure game.  It has some basic fighting and platforming but the levels are nice and compact for mobile play.  It's nothing revolutionary but, again, a fun little time waster.

Really I just find myself biding my time until the next big game releases on iOS.  I really do love it as a gaming platform whenever those games show up.


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