The Expanse

I went into The Expanse not knowing what to expect except that it's a Sci Fi show.  And for that matter it's also a Syfy show... which usually doesn't bode well.

But Syfy has been talking about how they're revamping their lineup lately to actually attempt to make good science fiction again and not just mass produce the low hanging fruit shows anymore.  The Expanse is part of that initiative and it shows.

Instead of trying to set up a sci-fi premise that they can do weekly procedural episodes off of, The Expanse is based on a book series.  Season 1 has ten episodes and covers the first book in that series.  It has a story to tell and doesn't waste the viewer's time with filler.

I really like it.

Don't get me wrong, I can enjoy schlocky sci-fi too, but The Expanse is actually good sci-fi and it's a very nice change of pace for it.

It sees Earth, Mars, and the Asteroid Belt miners as the three main divisions of humanity.  All of them are at odds with each other and it seems like war could break out between them with the right spark.

The show follows a few different groups of characters on Earth and The Belt with Mars being an outside warlike presence that gets encountered.  If you're a fan of good science fiction you should check out the first season.  I found it streaming on Hulu (computer only for some reason) but hopefully it will be more places soon.


  1. It started pretty slow and I almost gave up on it by episode 3, but by the end I was glad I'd "punched through." Very much looking forward to next season!


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