The Force Awakens Special Features

They're so good!

I loved getting my Blu Ray of The Force Awakens.  By the time it arrived I had already watched the movie digitally a bunch (since it released that way first) but the Blu Ray came with the special features.

They were fantastic!  The main documentary included was one of the best official behind the scenes documentaries I've ever seen.  The deleted scenes added a little bit more context to parts of the movie, but it was obvious why they were cut.  And all the little feature vignettes were awesome from the creature creation to John Williams scoring the movie.

I can't recommend the special features enough.  If you love Star Wars like I do it's a must watch!


  1. Chaide and I got the blu ray this past weekend, and we're watching Episode 7 tonight. Can't wait to watch the special features later this week!


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