Rising Stars

On the recommendation of my friend @professorbeej I checked out Rising Stars.  I had been talking to him about the things I like and dislike in comics and that I've had trouble finding ones that click with me.

This recommendation was right up my Alley.

Rising Stars sees an event happen over a small town which causes all the babies currently in utero to gain super powers once they're little kids.  So, one generation from one small town are all the super heroes the world will ever have.

It's about their lives and how they impact the world... and each other.

It has a story to tell, it tells it, and then it wraps up.  I wish that more comics would do this instead of trying to drag out series forever.

I can easily recommend Rising Stars to you.  I grabbed it on Comixology in three volumes that make up 24 comics total.  Check it out if it sounds like your type of comic!


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