DareDevil Season 2 Review

DareDevil season two is so much better than season one!  It's on Netflix and if you made it through season 1 you definitely need to go watch season two!

Where season 1 was full of inconsistent pacing and quality, season two is good all the way through.  I really came away from season one feeling very "meh" about it.  I wasn't sure if I would come back for season two but a friend convinced me to at least give it a shot and watch the first episode.  He was so right.

Season two picks up and gets moving so much faster now that we have all that annoying origin story out of the way.  At this point I realize I just hate superhero origin stories.  They tend to be boring and take way too long.  Season one was basically one long origin story.  Season two tells an actual story with the characters.

Speaking of characters, The Punisher is super interesting.  I've never read about him before, I just kinda knew he existed.  This incarnation of him has me intrigued and I hope they do more with him in the future.  The Punisher is a different side of the same coin as DareDevil.  The Punisher will kill to get rid of bad people and save innocents where DareDevil will only beat them up and turn them over to the cops.

And then Electra shows up too!  I know almost nothing about the DareDevil lore so these new characters are ones I had heard of but know nothing about.  Electra is DareDevil's college girlfriend and they kinda kick ass together.

I should take a second and mention that the violence feels like it fits better this season too.  In the first season it felt grimdark and violent because they finally could so they did as much as possible.  This season is just as violent but it actually feels like it fits in the story much much better.

In the end all the storylines pull together in a conclusion that left me wanting more.  And that's the main take away, I want more DareDevil now.  It's the complete opposite of how I felt at the end of season one.  Well done Marvel and Netflix, now I'm really excited for The Defenders and the inevitable DareDevil season 3.


  1. when season 2 1st came out most of what I read about it said that people didn't think it was quite as good as season 1. But I was watching it then also and I couldn't understand that -- I felt that season 2 was WAY better than season 1 myself.

    Looking forward to season 3!

    1. Me too! I thought season 1 was very boring in parts but after the first episode of season 2 I was hooked!

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