Agent Carter Season 2

I just finished up Agent Carter Season 2 and overall it was kind of a disappointment.

Season 1 grabbed me and held my interest for the entire season.  Season 2 feels like they wanted to make a movie and stretched it out into ten overly long episodes instead.  It doesn't feel like they actually were trying to write it as a TV show.

The episodes flow together but no individual episode actually has a good payoff and it bugged me a lot.  The end of each episode felt very arbitrary.  I forced myself through the season because I enjoyed the first one so much but I didn't really like it.

I would love to see them take another swing at the franchise for a third season as long as they don't follow this format again.  Season 2 was a big letdown.


  1. Season 1 I loved. Season 2 my wife and I got about halfway into and then just... stopped watching. Last week we finally binge-marathoned the 2nd half of the season and ... it was all right, I guess. But while I was looking forward to season 2, I just don't care if there's a season 3.

    1. If they can make a season 3 that feels more like season 1 I would be all for it!


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