Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Review

Star Wars Rebels Season 2 just wrapped up the other week and it was another solid season of the show!

The main Jedi storyline continues to be the highlight with the overall rebellion storyline coming in a close second.  Whenever an episode is pushing one or both of these stories forward it's a really good episode.

When Rebels instead decides to do a one off or side-character focused episode it's much more "meh".  It's never as bad as the worst episodes of Clone Wars were but I constantly want them to get back to the main storylines.

And the main storylines are just great!  The season ended with a fantastic finale that sees Kanan, Ezra, Ahsoka, and Darth Vader all in interesting places.  It also manages to re-introduce Darth Maul into the universe and opens up lots of potential for him in the future.

I continue to be really happy with Rebels and if you're a Star Wars fan you should definitely check it out!


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