Ancillary Justice Impressions

After slogging through The Three Body problem I thought I would try to find a sci-fi book that would grab my attention.  I looked at my list of books to check out and saw that Ancillary Justice was super highly rated on Amazon so I got it.

I could not get into Ancillary Justice at all.

The book starts with disconnected events, none of which are interesting, and a main character that doesn't actually have personality because it's a computer in host bodies.

I really tried to get into it.  I even did my typical second attempt at a highly rated book I'm having trouble getting into... I listened to the audiobook instead.  Generally this will give me a better sense of characters once I hear them voiced and it lets me get through parts of books that are a slog since I can have the audiobook playing while I'm doing other things too (like playing a game).

But since the main character is a computer the narrator speaks very monotone and very computer-like.  I understand why they choose that as the direction for the audible version but it made it even more boring than when I was reading it.

So I gave up on Ancillary Justice.

I've had a bad run of not-so-great books lately.  Maybe I need to check out something outside my typical tastes just to shake things up.


  1. Have you read anything by Brandon Sanderson? If you're worried about something long, perhaps try "The Emperor's Soul" -- it's a novella, so it's short, and if you like it then maybe look into Elantris (standalone) or Warbreaker (also standalone) or Mistborn: The Final Empire (1st in a trilogy).

    Jack McDevitt's "Alex Benedict" series is fascinating. They're more of "mysteries that happen to be in a sci-fi setting" but they work. For me, anyway. "A Talent for War" is the 1st of those if you want to give them a try.

    1. I love Sanderson! He's one of my favorite authors right now.

      I should check out Jack McDevitt though, I haven't.


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