Trying to Like Borderlands 2

I must lack some basic pleasure mechanism that allows me to enjoy Borderlands 2.  It's a game that I feel like I should enjoy and I keep going back and trying it because of that feeling.

I never actually have fun playing it.

Shooting with friends is ok, but the rest of the game just bugs me.  I hate their quest system, the crazy amounts of loot, constantly smashing the pick-up item button, figuring out which gun is better, and traveling around the world.  Not to mention how repetitive the gameplay and enemies are.  And the shooting doesn't even feel that satisfying.  Borderlands 2 just doesn't ever click with me.

I should probably call it quits with the series.  I never really liked the first game either, even though I finished it in it's entirety.

The promise of adventures in an interesting world is one of the main factors that draws me back in.  I mean, I loved the first episode of Tales from the Borderlands.  The story and the world were fantastic and I'm super excited for the next episode.  But that's an adventure game with the focus on story.

That fun and interesting world building hasn't ever carried over to the main games.  They devolve into generic shooter loot-grind fests.  And if you know me you know how much I hate a loot grind.

All of this to say... I'm done with Borderlands 2.  I give up.  I'm never going to enjoy it.  I deleted it from my hard drive and I'm not going to let it tempt me again.  That way only leads to disappointment.


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