Nintendo Rewards Blowout

Yesterday Nintendo updated their Club Nintendo rewards and finally, for the first time, put up a good selection of games and accessories.  As of writing this, the site is still down because it can't handle the traffic.  That's what happens when you offer more than 100 different game choices and new physical rewards to a group of people that have been given 4-6 really bad game options each month for years on end.  Here's a full list from Reddit of all the reward offerings.

This has only come about because the Club Nintendo program has been canceled and that's the sad part.  I hate to see it go, but this is a nice parting gift.

I just wish they had all of these games available the entire time the rewards program was open.  They would have had many more people using Club Nintendo and responding to their surveys.

While I'm sad to see it go, for now I'll just be happy that I finally have some good games to spend my rewards points on.  Thanks Nintendo!


  1. I feel like Club Nintendo was a botched idea. The supply was never there for the coolest stuff and they stopped wanting to give away any decent games. In contrast to Playstation Plus or Games for Xbox Gold (or whatever it is called), the whole thing seemed weak even if it was ultimately "free".

    I am glad to be done with it. Once the website gets to a point where it'll handle my traffic, I am going to spend my remaining coins on Punch-Out!!! for my 3DS and forget about the program.

    1. I just hope they implement a new system that is more modern and has better account integration. I still can't believe how far behind they are with their Nintendo Network ID. It's lacking so many of the basic features of Xbox Live and PSN.

      I mean, why would software be tied to hardware instead of the account it's purchased from? This is a problem that Steam has had solved for so many years. Nintendo is constantly living in the past when it comes to their online offerings.

    2. Exactly. Plus, their platforms need better integration and sharing. I know it is only recent that Sony has implemented cross-buy, but I am a little tired of Nintendo's port everything but you'll have to pay for it again song-and-dance.


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