Maybe Not a Comic Guy

I wrote about my experiences with comics a few weeks ago.  After having some positive experiences and being excited for the release of Marvel Star Wars #1 I thought I might actually end up being a comic guy.

Now I'm fairly sure I am not.

I've read Star Wars #1, Star Wars #2, and Vader #1.  I really wanted to like them, but I only think they're ok.  The story isn't bad, but it's not great.

I think my problem is that I read super fast.  I've been an avid reader for as long as I can remember.  I fly through books to get the story.  I also tend to fly through comics just reading the text.  I never stop and linger over the images, I just glance at them and move on.  They don't really do it for me.

I finish a comic book in about five minutes.  The few that I picked up over the last weeks have been around four to five dollars each.  Five bucks for five minutes of entertainment is not a good value proposition for me personally.  I don't think I can justify continuing to purchase comics.  Especially when I can go get a digital book or indie game for the same price.

I'm assuming this isn't how most people read comics.  I just can't make myself slow down when I'm reading something, at this point in my life I'm actually not capable of it.  I read fast.  It's the way my brain is wired now.

I'm kinda disappointed.  I really thought comics might be for me.


  1. Yeah, I am not much on comics either, nor manga. I can appreciate a single page, but I just would prefer something that is animated or something that is fully written. This in between medium just doesn't jive with me very well. I often find the story is lacking, maybe not in creativity, but often in depth. Plus, my pacing is entirely wrong too.

    I tend to avoid comics altogether. That's quite annoying too because a friend jumped ahead on an anime we were watching, and now I have to be patient for new episodes, while has to be patient and not ruin it for me. Lose/Lose!


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