It's shaping up to be a busy work week for me, so I'm not playing a lot of games.  I did get to watch an episode of Archer with my wife while I was taking a meal break yesterday and I realized I haven't written anything about it even though I've been watching through the entire series.

Archer is a really funny show.  I know everyone's humor is different, but something about it strikes a chord with me.  I usually laugh out loud at least once every episode.  That's super rare for me.  Most popular comedy shows don't do much for me and rely heavily on dumb humor that I don't appreciate.  Something about this one just clicks with my sense of humor.

When I first looked into Archer I was turned off by the fact that it's an animated show.  I didn't realize how adult it actually is.  Looking at stills don't do the show justice.

I would recommend checking out the show if you already have a Netflix subscription, since there are 4 seasons sitting there just waiting to be streamed.  I really like it.


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