Steam In-Home Streaming

This week I finally got around to trying the Steam in-home streaming functionality.  It works really well!

My two main computers are a Mac laptop that I use for creative purposes and my Windows desktop that I use for fun.  My Windows desktop is my main gaming PC and my household media server as well.

One day this week I was curious to actually try in-home streaming.  I was on my Mac and needed a break.  I knew my desktop was on downstairs.  I booted up Steam and picked a Windows only game to play.  It gave me a basic prompt telling me that it would stream this from my other computer where the game was installed.

And then I was playing!  It was super simple and a great experience overall.  It was easy to do and very playable.

It's a feature that I had almost forgotten about entirely, but now that I've used it I'm very impressed.


  1. I've used it a few times as well. It is relatively nice for the occasional game play on a laptop or something, but the more action the game is, the less it works, too. So, it's nice, but I still haven't found any major use out of it yet.


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