Gaming Podcasts on the Go

I had a few super busy days in the last week where I didn't get any chance to game.  Non-gaming days are the exception for me since I always try to make a little time in my day to disconnect and play something.

One of the few things that keeps me sane on crazy days are all the gaming podcasts I listen to.  I have a bunch I subscribe to and love.  With them always on my phone I know that I'll at least get to rest my mind for a bit while I'm commuting to and from work or meetings.

These brief periods of disconnecting from work make a huge difference in my day and my general happiness level.  At this point, I never listen to music in the car anymore since podcasts do such a better job of engaging my brain.  While I love music, if I listen to it while commuting I find that my mind is constantly on work.  If I throw on a podcast, my mind is actively engaged with the discussion on the show.

Finding gaming podcasts and listening to them has truly helped me get through my work weeks better.  I would be remiss to not leave you with a list of my current favorite gaming podcasts.  These are in order based on how long I've been subscribed to them ranging from multiple years to a podcast I discovered last week:
Overall, these represent about half of the podcasts I listen to.  The other half aren't gaming related (but they're also really good).

If you can't tell, I listen to a lot of podcasts.  And when I find one I enjoy I'll listen to the entire back-catalog of podcasts in the feed too.  So, when I tell you all the above podcasts are vetted and recommended by me, know that I truly mean it.


  1. I really need to catch up with my podcasts and explore a few others. :)


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