Quiz Up

Quiz Up is an awesome game of niche trivia.  I don't know how I haven't heard of it until last week.  Apparently it's been highly rated in the app store for a long time and I've just overlooked it.

Let me emphasize, this is niche trivia.  That's what makes it so amazing!  It's not general knowledge like most trivia.  I've never enjoyed those types of trivia games.  This has very specific subsections of knowledge.

For example, I've been competing heavily in the Star Wars Expanded Universe trivia area.  I'm actually ranked number one in Minnesota at the moment which gives me some kind of perverse pleasure.  It's such a small facet of geekdom, but for the moment it's mine!

I showed the app to my wife and now she's hooked too.  Recently she's been dominating the Harry Potter trivia section.  We were dueling for awhile over The Newsroom TV show too.

Quiz Up allows for very quick play sessions.  One round of trivia consists of seven questions and each question has a time limit of one minute.  A single round of trivia will never take longer than seven minutes, but most of the time it's more like three or four minutes for each round.

I would recommend this to any variety of geek out there.  I love my geekiness, and we all tend to have our special areas of focus.  Quiz Up truly lets us show it off.


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