Remembering to Play Games

Sometimes I get caught up in the meta-gaming.  I read all about games, game theory, development, new ideas, new releases, and everything else relating to this hobby.  So, sometimes I forget to play games.

It's not entirely my fault.  There are so many excellent sources of information.  I love to read Joystiq, Massively, Penny-Arcade, Tobold, and Syp.  Those are probably my favorites websites on the internet.  My love of meta-gaming and constant readership of these sites is the reason I decided to start this blog.

Whenever I really get into a game I'll look up all the theorycrafting behind making my characters the best they can be.  I remember spending hours of time looking up the best gear and talent builds in WoW when I used to play.  I like having all the information when it comes to a subject I'm interested in.

This is my long winded approach to saying that I haven't been playing games enough lately.  Nothing has really grabbed me and pulled me in.  But, for right now, I'm going to stop typing and go play something.  You should too.


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