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As a follow up to this weekend's post on impulse buys I would like to point out that the app store needs some work.

There is no good way to sort search findings in the app store.  In my opinion, this is a huge problem.

I would love to buy more games for my ipod touch and I'm sure they want to sell them to me too.  But, I want to see a list of every game in their entire system sorted by customer rating and I can't.  I have wanted this from day 1.  If I could do this chances are extremely high that I would buy a ton of games near the top of that list.

Instead, I am stuck dealing with "what's hot" or the "featured" apps.  I can find the "top 25" but what does that really mean?  Does anyone know?  None of these sections of the app store are bad by themselves, but without a sorting tool in the search function they greatly frustrate me.  This is because they are close to what I want but not quite good enough.  I don't want to see what apple thinks are the hot or top 25 apps.  I want to see what the customers think are the best.

Not only would this feature make me happy, it would also increase profits for apple (since I would buy more).  I think they are making a mistake by leaving out this functionality.


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