Initial Impressions: Final Fantasy XIII

After an hour or so of FFXIII I have some initial impressions; both good and bad. 

-My 360 version has pre-rendered cutscenes that looks low-res compared to the in game engine.  It is definitely not running 1080p.
-The floaty camera controls really bother me.  I think it has acceleration on it or something.  It drives me crazy when I want to look around quickly.
-Auto-Battle feels like cheating.
-Fights get ratings for some reason, but that reason isn't explained.
-So far no sign of a leveling or a progression system at all.
-I have no idea what is going on in the story... two groups are fighting, I guess... for some reason.

-The flow of battle is constant and exciting.
-Controlling one member of the party feels different, but it's working for me.
-Characters can interact with the environment a bit (they jump sometimes!)
-I like the art style.
-The in-game engine is really crisp (I wish they would do more in-engine and less pre-rendered).
-The music is good.
-Baby chocobos are awesome!


  1. Sweet!

    You found a screenshot of my favorite cut scene so far! Of course I'm like 2 hours in.

  2. Well, I like the baby Chocobo.


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