Making Up Words

Final Fantasy makes up a lot of interesting terminology.  This is fine as long as it is defined to the player before the player has a chance to become confused.

Final Fantasy XIII uses many terms which they leave undefined until you figure it out on your own.  On top of that, a few of the terms sound similar to one another.  I'm finally getting it sorted out in my head, but I was lost for the first few hours of the game.

I don't think players should have to dig through an in-game database to understand what is going on in the main story.  Having a database is great in case the player wants to find out more about the world, but it shouldn't be mandatory reading to comprehend the game.


  1. OMG, the terms in FF13 drive me nuts. I already have enough trouble with the names of characters, I don't need more confusion!

  2. Exactly how I feel. They need to ease the player into new vocabulary instead. It would go a long way toward helping the player understand the story.

  3. I'm on Chapter 6 or 7, have not checked the Datalog once, and have no idea what the fuck is happening.


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