Playing (and Paying) Multiple MMOs

Syp from Bio Break had a post up about a month ago about playing multiple MMOs.  Some people do it, some do not.

I am one who does not, generally.  I'll make an exception, from time to time, when a new MMO is released that I am excited about.  I'll give it a month of my time even if I am currently invested in another MMO.  I'll only play the first (free) month before I make a decision and choose one MMO over the other.

My problem with playing multiple MMOs at the same time is that I feel like I'm wasting money.  If I have 60 hours each month to play an MMO and can pay $15 for that month of play time, then that is great.  If I add another MMO to the mix I end up paying $30 each month for the same 60 hours of entertainment.

I understand the desire to have different gaming experiences.  I play (and pay for) all sorts of games.  Some months I buy multiple new games.  I treat MMOs differently because of their recurring subscription fees.

I wish MMOs would offer more than one subscription model per game.  Some games would be worth it for me to pay a flat rate each month.  Other games I would keep on my computer and pay as I play, if they charged an hourly rate. Why does it have to be one or the other?  Why can't one game offer more than one subscription model.

There are games I keep on my computer right now because they are free to play, but I can buy helpful items or services if I choose to.  This is a move in the right direction, but there is more leeway.

I just wish that there was more of a middle ground between $15 per month and free to play.  Maybe it is time for Western developed MMOs to try the pay as you play model like Asian MMOs have been using for years.


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