Themepark MMOs Run Out of Content

It has happened to every die-hard MMO fan.  You play an awesome MMO and you're going strong until you hit the level cap.  Then you may raid, do pvp, or play with the economy... but eventually you'll run out of developer made content.

Keep in mind, I am talking about themepark MMOs.  Sandbox MMOs don't run into this problem if they are designed correctly.  Instead, they give players the tools to create their own content.

Themepark MMOs draw you through an adventure until you max out your level and complete all the quests.  You hit the ceiling on character progression.  Then what?  No matter which themepark MMO you play, you will run out of content.

That is where expansion packs come in. On top of this, content patches fill the gaps between expansions.  They extend the life of the game.  Look at WoW.  Every new content patch has people resubscribing to fight in the latest raid and explore the new content.

Nonetheless, a themepark MMO will never be able to create content at the rate which players can consume it.  Not hand crafted high quality content at any rate.


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