Sunday Reading: Expansions

Game by Night has an interesting prediction about Cataclysm's content structure.  It fits in nicely with the expansion theme of the past week here on A Green Mushroom.  It asks whether Cataclysm will last long enough to keep players interested and makes some educated guesses about 5-man instances and upcoming raids.

In my opinion, Syp's most interesting post this week was about middlers.  He wrote about how many of us never reach endgame in our MMOs.  I think it goes along with expansion discussion week because what is the point of expanding if the majority of your players will never reach the new content?

Also, Tobold has an interesting thought experiment up about how the MMO scene would look if WoW wasn't a part of it.

I would also like to ask my readers, what do you like to see in expansion packs?  Do you want new content? New features?  Do you like more updates consistently or lots of new material packaged together in an expansion pack?  What gets you excited to play the game?

Enjoy your Sunday Reading and don't forget to play some games.


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