60 Second Games

Apparently I am interested in talking about ipod touch and iphone games this week.  This got me thinking about the different types of ipod touch and iphone games that I enjoy.

I realized that the majority of the time I boot up an ipod touch game I play fairly simple games.  I like to call them 60 second games.  They are bite sized chunks of gaming that I can fully appreciate in about a minute.  I don't have to sit down and play for half an hour to feel like it was worth my time.

I think we will see the trend of 60 second games continue.  A lot of people refer to these as casual games.  These are the games your mom or girlfriend, who have never touched a video game, could still play and enjoy.  I think this is great!  The more people we can draw into the hobby of gaming the better off we all are.

My two games of choice at the moment are Doodle Jump and Orbital.  If you have an ipod touch or an iphone they are worth the investment.  Almost any game by PopCap is worth checking out as well.  Peggle and Plants vs Zombies are great games that only take slightly more than 60 seconds to appreciate.

Does anyone have recommendations for more 60 second games to try?


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