The Flash Season 2 Review

Oh The Flash, how much I loved your first season.

Season 2 has been... I don't want to say bad.  Inconsistent is probably a better word.  There have been really good episodes and interesting plotlines but mostly there have been slow or boring plotlines and episodes that fall flat.

After the fantastic episode that was done by Kevin Smith I thought the series was in a great place to finish strong at the end of the season.  Instead there was a an overly convoluted plot that led to the final confrontation of the season.  I couldn't actually believe some of the sentences that the characters were saying with a straight face... and I'm not typically one who has trouble suspending disbelief.

I thought the final few episodes were mostly dumb.  I wanted to love them but I just didn't.  I was really sad to see where the series was at the end of this season compared to how much I enjoyed the first season.

But then in the last 60 seconds of the season The Flash decided to go to the past, change a critical piece of his history, and potentially wipe the entire slate clean for season 3.  Now season 3 can be whatever it wants to be.

This event might also be how they wrap Supergirl into the CW world and I bet it will have consequences for the other CW DC shows like Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow as well.

So after all the disappointment of the final confrontation in season 2, there's still hope.  Now I'm really excited to see what season 3 hold for The Flash.


  1. This is kind of a superhero problem in general, but I hate the formula of dedicating an entire season to one big bad and have that big bad go away at the end of the season. It's really frustrating and, to me, it is lazy writing.

    Overall, Season 2 was weak, but like you said it had some really good bits and pieces. I still think it is the best superhero anything on television and I am still rooting for The Flash, the character and the show.

    1. It's so much better than most superhero shows. I'm really hoping they do interesting stuff with the "flash point" event they kicked off at the very end of the season. We'll have to wait and see.

      I feel like season 3 is going to be make or break for me with this show. If it gets good again it could become amazing. If it's a repeat of season 2 I'll probably be done with it.


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