Geek to Geek - S1E14 - Nintendo - “The Wii Fit Still Called Me Fat!”

In this episode:
  • Nintendo! Nintendo! Nintendo! Admittedly, the guys a’re fanboys, but they’ve earned that title. Both of their earliest memories involve warm fuzzies emanating from the original NES.
  • Between Beej’s parents having Duck Hunt competitions, and Void playing Super Mario Bros. at daycare, the guys have both owned every single Nintendo system that was released (except for Beej--he just couldn’t do it for the Wii U, and he tells you why!).
  • The Wii is one of the the most innovative consoles ever created, and it ate up much of Void’s college years through Wii Sports Bowling, and somehow Nintendo’s Wii Fit balance board made Beej have body image issues (which may or may not be worse than the Nintendo 64 causing him to week as an 8th grader).
  • Did the Wii U live up to its potential? And is buying one a regret Void will take with him to the grave? No to both!
  • The Nintendo 3DS may be the best console on the market right now. Between the variety of models you can choose from, the massive first-party game library, the virtual console, and the indie games on the eShop, the 3DS has got it going on.
  • Void talks about his mad parenting skills. Unlike lots of parents, he and his wife decided to give their children unlimited screen time for their iPads and 2DS consoles. What that did was teach them that there’s nothing inherently special about screens, gave them ability to pause the game when life happens (and to know when to do so!), and lets them have autonomy and discover their own boundaries. If you like true, hardcore adulting with your geekery, this is the podcast for you!
  • What’s next for Nintendo? Well, the NX comes out in early 2017 and might be a hybrid console. Or it might not be! We don’t know! And Nintendo’s first foray into mobile gaming with Miitomo seems like a miss, but the upcoming Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, and Pokemon Go titles should seriously make up for that.
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