"Gamey" VR Games

So there have been a couple Vive games I've played that felt very "Gamey" and that's not a bad thing, it's just interesting.  The main ones I'm thinking of are Space Pirate Trainer and Final Approach.

Final Approach has you standing in an airfield drawing flight paths for planes and helicopters and directing them where to land.  It's similar to the iOS game Flight Control, but in 3D and in VR space with your hands.  It's an interesting concept and while I don't think they executed it perfectly it's still fun to jump in and mess around with it.

Space Pirate Trainer is really fun though.  You get a selection of different settings on two blaster pistols and room-scale space to move around in while waves of enemies attack you.  There's not much else too it and it feels like an arcade game.  It's actually super fun.  I'm partial to the continuous laser setting myself.  I actually think Space Pirate Trainer is a really good intro game for showing people basic movement and shooting in VR and I've already introduced a couple people to it.

I recommend picking that one up if you have a Vive.


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