Hover Junkers is Amazing

Hover Junkers is right up there with Audioshield for my favorite game on Vive so far.  I have slightly less play time in it than Audioshield right now, but they're both tied for my favorite.

Hover Junkers is an online multiplayer game, one of the very few on the Vive.

In it you get a hovering vehicle made of mostly junk, some pieces of junk to put up around the edges to reinforce it, and weapons to destroy your enemies!

The basic gameplay is:
  • Quickly grab junk at the beginning of the round and put it around the edges of your hover vehicle.
  • Grab the vehicle controls with one hand to steer it around
  • Select a weapon with the other hand
  • Drive the vehicle until you find someone else on the map
  • Smash into each other while trying to shoot each other and duck behind your cover
It's really really fun.  It's physical and perfectly fits in a room scale VR setting since you're never moving outside your vehicle area.  You wouldn't even need a big room scale set up for this one, standing might do just fine.

I'm finding this is one of the main games I keep coming back to because it's so fun.  I find myself actually getting a bit lost in the game when I play.


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