Surgeon Simulator VR: Meet the Medic

I think this VR game was done quickly as a partnership between Valve and the Surgeon Simulator guys.  It's the same structure of a game as Surgeon Simulator but instead of having crazy controls you have exact one to one controls with your hands.

It completely changes the game but I actually found that I loved it on a totally different level.  This is one of the few VR games that I finished and immediately wished there was more to it.  It's only one level with one scenario and it's just not enough.  I now want to play all of Surgeon Simulator in VR with fantastic one to one controls.  I would love it!

Please make this happen?


  1. I played this last Saturday! I made a 3D birthday cake with crackling candles on top - it was awesome! :D

    1. Lol, I think you commented on the wrong post, but I hope it's true.


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