Inks Impresssions

Inks is another in the line of mobile titles I'm constantly picking up, playing for a few days, and then setting back down (maybe forever).

It's a "fun little time waster" but it didn't have any long term hold on me.

Basically, it's pinball with a cool aesthetic.  To complete a board you have to hit the pinball into all of the ink containers which splat when you touch them.  That ink is then splattered on the board but also picked up and rolled around by the ball.  It's cool and visually appealing for sure.

But I don't like pinball that much.  I'll throw the occasional quarter into one if it's around and I'm bored but... they aren't even around that much anymore.  I think I might just be the wrong target demographic here.

I can say for sure that if you like pinball you'll find something you like in this game.  Check out Inks if you fall into that category.


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