Voyager Season 1 and 2 Review

Typically I like to review season by season once I get into a show.  With Voyager I actually didn't realize I had finished the first season until I was half way through Season 2.  It looks like the first season was shorter than typical and the second season was longer, so this will cover them both.  There was no clear break point or big season finale for the first season, they just kind of flowed into one another.

This is such better Star Trek than my attempts to watch the other shows.  Those quickly failed when I got bored or frustrated with some part of the storytelling or production.  Voyager still holds up, even the first season which is from 1995.

There's a bit of crossover with the other Star Trek shows to launch the pilot of Voyager, but after the first episode the crew is lost and alone in the Delta Quadrant.  In Star Trek terms this means they've mysteriously been sent to the other side of the galaxy and it's going to take roughly 75 years for them to make the journey back to Earth in the Alpha Quadrant.

It's such a cool departure from typical Star Trek.  All the other shows take place in the Alpha Quadrant with the support of Star Fleet and around areas of the galaxy that are familiar to humans.  There's exploration but there's also the sense of never being too far from back up.

Voyager takes the opposite approach.  They give the crew a brand new top of the line ship, the Voyager, but then immediately cut them off from all support and all contact with the rest of the human race.  It's breaks with typical Star Trek in a fantastic way.

Within a few episodes I was already connected to all the main crew members and super excited to see them develop.  And they actually do develop.  Unlike other Star Trek shows where you can drop in anywhere and they're basically the same crew... Voyager has a crew that grows and changes over time.

This is what I wanted in a Star Trek show.  Real exploration in unknown areas of space.  Crazy new encounters on the wilds of the known universe.  And real crew growth and development.

There was only one really bad episode that involved time travel, Amelia Earhart, and random alien abductions from the 1930s.  There were maybe one or two more that weren't very good.  But overall the 42 episodes that make up the first two seasons are still really good.

Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger where the ship was taken over and almost the entire crew was abandoned on a planet.  My guess is that by episode 2 of Season 3 the crew will be back on the ship and ready to continue their trek home, but it's still fun to see radical changes thrown in for season ending episodes.

I'm having a lot of fun with Voyager and I'm going to keep watching for now.  Onto Season 3!


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