Giving Deep Space 9 a Try

In trying to dig into Star Trek from my younger days I decided to pretty much tackle the different series in order and see if any of them stick.

While TNG's late 80s / early 90s production values and pacing didn't hook me I still appreciated the acting and the stories.

Deep Space 9 was next up and it failed to grab my attention on any front.  The production quality is similar, if not a bit better, but the acting and the premise just aren't as interesting as TNG.  Star Trek is typically about exploration but Deep Space 9 is about a space station that stays put in one place.

The most interesting thing about it is that it has crossover episodes with both TNG and Star Trek Voyager.  It bridged the gap between to two and that's pretty cool.  Thinking back about it, there was some form of Star Trek on TV for a long time from the late 80s all the way to the early 2000s.  It's weird that it's been off the air for so long now.

Anyway, with DS9 I tried the first few episodes and then reverted to the old standby of a "best episodes" list.  After watching a handful I knew this one wasn't going to hold my attention either.  It's tackling some interesting topics and the setting gives it a different feel from all the other Star Trek shows I've seen over the years.  But that very difference is what turned me away from it.

I'm moving onto Voyager next, but at this point I'm wondering if these shows are just dated.  They're from a different era of TV production that doesn't click with me anymore.

I still really like Star Trek as a universe.  I love the new movies.  But I may simply need to wait for the new show to premiere next year with modern production sensibilities before I'm able to get back into a Star Trek show.

Let's see what happens with Voyager.  In my mind it has always been my favorite, but that could just be nostalgia talking.


  1. After Star Trek... perhaps Babylon 5 for your next project? ;-)

    1. Yep! It's on my list to check out.

    2. Just keep in mind that it pioneered a lot of CGI work, so especially the 1st season's CGI hasn't held up very well, though toward the end of the season their artists said "we finally figured out what we were doing" and it's already well improved by then.

      1st season also has some pretty rough episodes. "Contagion" in one where the creator of the show said he wishes he could not only destroy all copies made of it but personally visit each person who watched it to apologize to them. Dunno why, I didn't think it was awful, and it introduced bio-technology to the show, but... such is life, no?

  2. If you didn't like DS9, you might like B5, because they follow the same type of hero's journey plotline, just in different ways. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy DS9, it happened to be my favorite, but it might have been because I grew up with it. I always enjoy your reviews!

    1. I never have problems with people disagreeing with me. I'm actually always interested in hearing the other side of a view. I'm glad you liked it!

      B5 is on my list to check out still.


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