Hearthstone's Single Player Adventures

Lately I've been picking away at the Hearthstone single player adventures.  They're really fun, especially the newest one with the League of Adventurers.  The single player adventures give a new way to experience the game and they're not afraid to break typical rules.  It's cool to see.

After finishing up the normal mode I jumped into the class challenges.  It surprised me to find that these are actually my favorite thing in Hearthstone so far.  You're presented with a match up of a predetermined class vs a boss and given a pre-made deck.  It's everything I want from this game.

I like having a balanced playing field where the decks are fun to play against each other.  This mode provides that.

It makes me realize how much I just hate the deck construction.  I love piloting a fun deck but I hate spending time trying to create my own decks.  I wish there were more modes in Hearthstone with premade decks.  I know that if there were I would play it more often.

With the completion of all the single player adventures I'm once again on a Hearthstone hold until the next expansion or new mode comes out.

I feel like this is a game I'm going to keep coming back to and play it in bursts.  The daily ladder grind gets to me too much to make this a game I play consistently over long periods of time.  But that's ok.  I'm still excited to see what's new and improved every time they add to the game.


  1. My current Hearthstone pattern is to complete my dailies via whatever Tavern Brawl is going on (unless it's like this week's, which is dumb), and then not play again until I get three days of dailies saved up. I do appreciate the ladder rewards and how it encourages you to hit Rank 15/10/5, but like you, I'm not interested in burning myself out.

    1. At this point I'm only doing enough ladder to get my monthly card back... which is almost no laddering at all.

      I love the single player stuff though. I hope they make more soon!


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