Looking Ahead to the New Year

Happy New Year!

What are you looking forward to the most in the new year?

I'm so excited to see what Disney does to continue the Star Wars fandom after the launch of Episode VII.  I really want to see what direction they take the anthology movies since the first one is due out this year!

I'm also really excited for more information about the new Nintendo console, currently codenamed NX.  All signs and rumors point to a launch sometime this year.  More and more it seems like it's due to be a hybrid between a traditional console and a handheld system.  I'm super intrigued to see the final design.

Not to mention that Nintendo is going mobile!  This is the year that Nintendo starts rolling out their smartphone games and getting all their separate systems and services rolled into one.  They have an amazing brand with a fantastic catalogue of games.  If they do it right they could explode onto the mobile scene unlike anything before.

Although my 3DS hasn't outlived it's usefulness yet.  It's still one of my favorite systems and this is the year where we will finally get sequels for two amazing series.  Fire Emblem Fates is shaping up to hook me big time and I'm super pumped to get my hands on Bravely Second as well.

Playstation has consistently given me great content over the past few years with the PS4 and Vita.  Although Vita feels like it's on the way out the PS4 is coming into it's prime.  It's been out for a couple years now and very soon we'll start seeing the second generation of games on the system.  That's when they truly start pushing the system in it's capabilities.

How about you guys?  What are you excited for in the new year!?


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