Final Fantasy Dimensions

After trying out Final Fantasy IV: The After Years over the past couple days and bouncing off the game I thought I'd try the other iOS Final Fantasy that I've been putting off, Final Fantasy Dimensions.

This one is a little different.  All the other Final Fantasy games I've played on iOS were remade, remastered, and ported over to the system.  They were mostly the mainline Final Fantasy games and they were really good.

Final Fantasy Dimensions is the first Final Fantasy game they made specifically for mobile... and it's not very good.  The controls aren't nearly as responsive or intuitive as all the other mobile Final Fantasy games I've already played.  You can tell this was one of their first attempts at the platform.  It just feels rough.

Not to mention a story that starts off overly heavy on exposition and with some pretty bad player guidance.  It makes for a lot of frustration right off the bat.

This is my second time really trying to get into Final Fantasy Dimensions and I can tell it's just not going to happen.

I'm glad I gave this one a couple tries to see what it had to offer, but I'm moving on.  Final Fantasy X-2 is still near the top of my "to be played" list and I have good memories of the battle system in it.  I hope that one lives up to what I remember.


  1. I'm determined to play through at least a good portion of this game. It is indeed rough, though. What bugs me is that they could have *easily* taken lessons from the mainline games and their design, but no, this feels like a JV team given control of the IP somewhere around FFV and told "go make a mobile version".

    1. yeah, exactly. It's just sad to see these mistakes in the mobile release when their ports don't have them.


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