Steamworld Heist Review

I picked up Steamworld Heist when it suddenly appeared on a bunch of "game of the year" lists in early January.  I had been interested in it since I loved Steamworld Dig but for some reason the release date (near the end of December) had totally slipped my mind.

If I would have played this before the end of the year it would easily have been in my games of the year post.

Steamworld Heist is a 2D sidescrolling turn based strategy game with skillshots and trajectory skills.  It's awesome.

You all know I love a good turn based strategy game, and this is a great one.  It follows the aesthetic of Steamworld Dig but beyond that similarity it is it's own game.  Steamworld Dig was a dig deeper and upgrade your character sort of game.  Steamworld Heist is all about being a ROBOT SPACE PIRATE.

Maybe I should have put that up at the front of the post.

YOU ARE A ROBOT SPACE PIRATE!  It's so much fun.

The progression mechanics of acquiring new gear and finding new characters for your robot space pirate crew are fun, if nothing too unique.  But the gameplay itself is the perfect blend of strategy and skillshots.  You move, trigger abilities, and aim in a turn based mode.  But when you actually attack an enemy (usually with a projectile weapon) you have to aim manually.  There's no behind the scenes dice roll or random number generator to determine if you hit or how much damage you do.  It's all up to your aiming skills.

I bet almost any of you could enjoy this game on casual difficulty.  And if you happen to be a turn based strategy fan you will probably adore this game... and crank up the difficulty.  Either way, it's a great game and it gets a big recommendation from me.

Steamworld Heist is currently out on 3DS but it's coming to almost every platform in the near future.  So if you don't own a 3DS just keep your eyes out for it to show up on your platform of choice.


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