Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

I have a confession to make.  I'm playing a dumb, grindy, exploitation, micro-transaction, f2p, mobile game.

If you couldn't tell from the title of the post, that game is Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.

It's so out of character for me in most ways.  I really like engaging and unique mobile games.  I typically can't stand this low-input waste-away-the-hours  check-back-frequently type of game.

But this one is Star Wars.  And it's grabbed me.

At the bare minimum I've been doing the daily quests every day.  Most days I've been checking in a few times throughout the day.

I'm upgrading gear, giving my characters new moves, unlocking new characters, leveling them up.  All the things you would expect from this type of game.  It's actually not that far off from a game like Final Fantasy Record Keeper.  Except that it's Star Wars.  Apparently that makes all the difference to me.

In the global arena ranking I generally hold my own and am consistently in the top 1000 players.  Worldwide.  Ugh.  I can't believe how a game like this has hooked me.

Anyway, I haven't spent money on it and it's a great game to check in on a few times each day.  Especially while I'm doing something else.  It's a good multi-tasking game.

If you like Star Wars and you're a fan of this type of game you should definitely check it out.  If you know this type of game isn't for you then you can safely avoid it.


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