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I needed a break from Voyager after flying through the last couple seasons, so I thought I would sample a few other things from my "to check out" list.

Parks and Rec
After hearing about this show for years my wife and I finally sat down and watched a couple episodes.  It took a few for us to get the style of comedy they're going for but now we're into season 2 and it's getting really good.

Galaxy Quest

After Alan Rickman died I heard this movie mentioned everywhere.  It's essentially satire and comedy about Star Trek.  It's ok, but not fantastic.  It's obvious that it's a late 90s movie.  I'm probably never going to rewatch it but I'm glad I watched it once.

Stargate Universe

This one was the biggest hit of the show sampling for me.  I watched the first episode and already I'm interested in the characters and the overall premise of the show.  If I wasn't specifically doing a sampler I would have immediately watched the next episode.  I'm excited to get back to this one later for sure.


This one was a total flop for me.  I didn't like the characters, style of the show, or the production.  I very quickly tuned out and moved on.

The Flash
I've never been a huge fan of DC heroes, most of the superheroes that have resonated with me have been Marvel.  But, I've heard a ton of good stuff about The Flash so I thought I'd try anyway.  I was surprised that I liked it as much as I did.  I need to go back and watch a couple more episodes to see if the show is for me in the long term but I came away with a good first impression.

Star Trek Enterprise

Taking a break from Star Trek and watching more Star Trek.  Funny, right?  I've heard horrible things about Enterprise but I actually really like the premise after the first episode.  It's all about the first real Star Fleet starship, the Enterprise.  It takes place before all the other Star Trek shows, not long after the warp drive was invented.  The whole galaxy is unexplored at this point and I think that's really cool.  I need to watch a few more episodes before forming a full opinion.


  1. I recently finished Parks and Rec. The last season was just added to Netflix a couple weeks ago. It's a fantastic show, I really like Aziz Ansari and Chris Pratt and Nick Offerman (stand up and otherwise) so the show stands on their merits alone. Rob Lowe's character is also pretty hilarious, hell I like all of the characters. I rarely watch shows on the major networks, so I was surprised how much I liked that one.

    1. Rob Lowe just showed up in the last couple episodes we watched. Parks and Rec just keeps getting better as time goes on.


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