That Didn't Last Long

Last week I mentioned that I've finally gotten around to some of the visual novel games I've been meaning to play.  My final thoughts were about how the pacing of Danganronpa seemed to be better than the other games I had tried.

I was very wrong.

The pace of the narrative slowed way down and I got extremely frustrated with it.  The game has murders and trials and I saw the obvious conclusion of the cases almost immediately.  It took forever for the characters to draw the same conclusions.  It was infuriating.

So I stopped playing it.  I'm officially walking away from Danganronpa.  It quickly became too frustrating slow for me.

I tried going back and playing a little bit of Dual Destinies but that has some pacing issues of it's own.

The one game in this vein that I'm still slowly picking away at is Professor Layton vs Pheonix Wright.  The Professor Layton portions of the game are redeeming it enough that I keep coming back for short bursts of play.

I'm starting to think that the visual novel genre just doesn't have enough gameplay for me.  When a game has this much text based narrative I feel like I would rather be reading a book instead.


  1. I really want to try out visual novels (aside from Layton and Phoenix Wright which I both enjoy because of the puzzle aspects of it), but I can never find ones that catch my fancy. Thanks for writing up your thoughts on the ones you've played.

    1. I like the puzzle aspects of Layton, but Phoenix Wright games seem too obvious to me. And it takes the characters forever to figure out what is obvious to me in the first couple minutes. I get frustrated.

      Let me know if you ever find a visual novel you'd recommend. I'm open to the genre, I just haven't found the right game yet.


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