Speed Runs

The other week there was a huge event where a group did streaming of game speed runs for almost an entire week straight.

I popped in and out over the week to watch a few games that I like.

I figured out that I really like seeing the basics of every speed run.  It's fun to listen to them talk about how they break the game and which mechanics they abuse.  But after that I would only watch the full run if it was a really cool gimmick, a game I love, or a game that took under 30 minutes.

One of my favorite runs from then was the original Legend of Zelda no sword run.  That was really cool.  I also loved watching the Mega Man X4 run with only the buster gun.

I don't watch a lot of twitch, but apparently a good speed run can suck me in and keep me entertained.

Below I've embbedded my favorite speed run of the event for you.


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