Playing With Subtitles

I've been playing games with subtitles turned on a lot lately.  I touched on it in my post yesterday, but I wanted to expand my thoughts on it a bit.

There's nothing wrong with my hearing, but I play a lot of PS4 and Wii U games while I'm on my exercise bike.  When I'm exercising I listen to audio books or podcasts.  I typically turn the TV volume all the way down.

To get the story while I'm on my bike I can either pause my audio while turning up the TV or I can just turn subtitles on at the beginning of a game and then not worry about it.  I almost always choose subtitles now.

If it's a story driven game that I'm very invested in I won't play it while biking, but if I'm just in it for the gameplay then it becomes a good candidate.

When I was playing Arkham Knight I would work on side quests while biking and then devote my full attention to the game (with sound on) while progressing through the main story the first time.

It's been interesting finding games that fit well with spending time on my exercise bike.  I'm always looking for more recommendations, so if you have any send them my way.


  1. I actually play with subtitles on all the time, no matter the game. It started out because I like to take screenshots for posterity's (and blogging's) sake, but after a while it just feels better. Sometimes accents are weird, sometimes they are saying a word with a different pronunciation than I'm used to, sometimes there is an explosion going on at the same time as the audio.

    I've watched subbed anime for a long time though, so the text doesn't necessarily distract me.

  2. I'm fascinated to find out the things people do while they game. I'm so old-school the only thing I do is sit in my chair at my desk. No tv (not even on another monitor), no music, no exercise machines, no phone or tablet nearby...

    Starting to think I'm a) in the minority and b) weird :D

    1. I multitask a lot when I'm gaming. It's rare for a game to completely suck me in and hold my entire attention. But, when that happens I know it's a really good game.

  3. I always play with subtitles when possible, it bugs me if I miss a word or aren't sure exactly what was said. I also tend to watch Netflix with them on so I don't have to have to volume up as high. Part of it is that I also tend to multitask, depending on the game.

  4. Always have subtitles when it's available, tv and gaming :D It's not that I need it though, it's just habit and it means I don't have to have the volume up to high. Some of it comes from playing old RPG's, used to having text, some of it comes from that I am not English and everything on norwegian TV is texted so I am used to having text heh.

    1. Everything on norwegian TV has subtitles on it? Really? That's interesting. I wonder what the reasoning behind it is.


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