Blaugust Kickoff!

Blaugust is here!

What is Blaugust you might ask?  Well dear reader, it's a time to try your hand at producing content every day.

I've mostly fallen into a 5 day per week posting schedule, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to do this event with the blogging and gaming community that I love.

There are a ton of participating blogs, most are written but some are vlogs too.  We're all posting every day in August.

Thanks to the amazing Belghast for organizing this event.  Make sure to take a look at his site over at Tales of the Aggronaut.

He even gave us a writing prompt to kick off the event: What are you hoping to get out of Blaugust this year?

Personally, I'm taking Blaugust as a challenge.  I'm right near the end of my video gaming backlog and I know I'm going to need to branch out and talk about other things more often very soon.  This is going to push me there faster.  I always end up touching on movies, books, shows, tabletop games, and life occasionally with this blog but you can expect to see even more of those after I truly hit the end of my backlog.

Thanks Blaugust for propelling me forward into some new content areas!


  1. I think the main thing about Blaugust is to join in with the community and enjoy it. :) There's lots of buzz and happiness and stuff going around so even if the daily blogging thing isn't new, generally joining it is still beneficial. :D

  2. I don't understand this "near the end of my video game backlog" that you speak of? How does this even happen?? Ha ha ha! I suppose if I ever stopped *buying* video games I might actually find myself in this position. I look forward to reading more!

    1. I basically made a plan for dealing with my massive backlog and started working my way through it this winter instead of just letting it pile up. It's been a great experience and I feel like I'm cleaning out a lot of mental space I had reserved for these games.

      A big part of it is not being afraid to play a game for 30 minutes, realize it's not for me, and put it down forever. I had so many games in my backlog that if I actually tried to finish them all it would never happen.


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