Dirty Bomb Impressions

One of the suggested F2P games to check out for Blaugust was Dirty Bomb.  Since I put it on my gaming to-do list yesterday I thought I could check it out today!

I jumped in and played a couple games of it, and almost immediately realized it wasn't for me.

There was a time in my life where I might have clung onto a game like this, but these days it seems like I can pick out all the influences that went into this game... and they're all games I've already played.

It has the feel of a game somewhere between Battlefield, TF2, and Counter-Strike.  Those are all games I've played to death in the past, so they no longer get me very excited.  Because of my past play experiences Dirty Bomb felt generic and already been done.

It seems like it's a serviceable multiplayer FPS.  If you've never done a multiplayer FPS before it might be worth your time to look at this one because it's free.  Even then, you're probably better off checking out Team Fortress 2, which is also free.  If you're a veteran of the genre then you already know everything Dirty Bomb has to offer.

Despite this one being a flop for me, at least I can cross an item off my gaming to-do list.


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