Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness

I recently resubscribed to Gamefly since I made it to the end of my gaming backlog for the first time ever.  This is going to let me rapidly try out games that have kind of been on my radar as B tier games for awhile.  This is stuff I would maybe buy when it eventually falls to $5 or $10, but I think this is going to be a better way to approach it.

The first game I was sent was Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness.  I liked the style of the visuals and I was looking forward to a Sci Fi JRPG since most of them are fantasy.

What I found was a generic fantasy JRPG with generic action RPG combat.  Nothing about it stood out at all and the amount of the game I played was super exposition heavy.  I never once felt interested in the world or characters.

I looked it up and apparently the game doesn't open up and become a Sci Fi JRPG until later in the game.  For me, I don't want to grind through the generic fantasy setting to get to that.

So, back to Gamefly it goes.  Expect a bunch more of these quick impressions in the near future.  I'm basically using Gamefly as a demo service for games that don't have demos.  I'll probably be turning these game around really fast.


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