Battlelore Impressions

Battlelore has been an iOS strategy game I've been meaning to try out for awhile.  It's actually the digital version of a board game I thought about picking up, but I ended up getting the iOS version to play around with instead.

The first thing that really surprised me is that it's essentially built on the same basic gameplay as Memoir 44, which is one of the big name strategy board games out there at the moment.  Units are commanded in lanes and you can only control a certain amount of units in certain lanes depending on which set of orders you choose.  It sounds like it might be complex when I write it like that, but it's super simple when you see it in action.

The main differences are the setting and the "lore".  The setting is fantasy and the "lore" is essentially magic spells.  These change up the game enough to make it feel like it's own game apart from the base they're working from.  I assume it's pretty much a straight port of the gameplay systems from the Battlelore board game.

I've been having fun poking around with it.  It's actually a little more challenging than I'd like in a single player campaign but I think a lot of that has to do with the elements of randomness introduced by the dice rolling mechanics.  Beyond that, it's actually a very fun iOS strategy game.  I'm going to keep this one on my iPad for the foreseeable future.  It'll be great to have around just to play randomly here and there.


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