Mobius Final Fantasy Impressions

Mobius Final Fantasy did a few things right away that let me know what I was in for.  The first hour or so is back to back tutorials.  After that it quickly becomes apparent that this is set up in the same fashion as most modern F2P games that are trying to get the most money out of you.

There are energy timers, multiple types of currency, various tickets, cards to combine together, and ever elusive rare drops.  Trust me, you've seen all this before.

But Square Enix was really pushing that this game was different and it had high production values so I stuck with it for about four or five hours.  The graphics do look nice on the phone and there's actually somewhat of a unique story in here, but besides that I found everything else lackluster.  The battle system is much more about what you have equipped than it is about any particular intelligence in battle.  They actually have an auto-battle option that will always do the optimal thing for you, basically you just need to set up your character before hand.

And you know what the easiest way to set up your character is?  Spend a bunch of money!  You don't have to of course... but everything is gently pushing you that way.

After a handful of hours I had enough and uninstalled the app without ever paying for it.

I'm still holding out hope that someday Square Enix will release a unique Final Fantasy mobile game that is actually a full featured game.  Something I can pay money for one time and then just play without constantly being pushed toward spending more.


  1. Saw a player in-game named Void and instantly thought and hoped it might be you...bummer as it probably wasn't after reading your post about uninstalling it :-(

    Any thought on playing again? I mean i just got into it and the multiplayer aspect of it is actually pretty fun, and yes you could pay to have the best cards but most of them you can grind out and the game gives liberally with daily gifts and daily quests so not hard to make the most of the game without actually paying.

    Also I find the variety in the cards and battles pretty fun,i would never have expected so see FF8 PuPu in this game but dam if the current event with them surprised me, almost all the named Characters are throwbacks to older games, and while the story isn't great as far as a handheld game it ain't that bad.

    Either way sucks your experience wasn't great but to each his own, enjoyed the review as always :-)

    1. I really wanted to like it. I keep hoping one of the Final Fantasy mobile games will hook me. I love the mainline series but so many of the spin offs are bad.


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